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Since 1976, I’ve been working on engineering numerical analysis simulation and for statistic and psychometric data analysis. 

Due to my background as civil engineer I have solved a wide variety of problems in projects and research activities on different domains, mainly for engineering and educational evaluation.

► Psychometric and evaluation domains: Statistical modeling and software development for test scoring and item analysis, data mining and applications using classical and logistic models, including Rasch and IRT., in education, psychology, social sciences, health and related areas.

Engineering domain: Analysis using CAE simulation, E-techniques and software for civil and mechanic structures under static, modal dynamics, fatigue and thermo mechanical conditions.

I have experience working and negotiating with professionals from different origins, areas of knowledge and levels of expertise; I have been successfully working since 1974 with engineers, psychometricians, teachers, educators and health professionals, developing statistical and simulation models for education, evaluation and related fields. I can combine mathematics, statistics and educational aspects in a comprehensive way that has been fruitful in didactic and pedagogical areas, especially for mathematical learning.

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